What Is Down Light ?

Lighting is an important component of indoor designing since it gives interiors that perfect ambience and welcoming brightness. Downlights are fitted in areas commonly hidden or above the ceiling such that they are out of sight. With the help of spring clips the entire light fitting is held in place in the ceiling and prevented from giving way to gravity. Kitchens and bathrooms are common places where downlights are fitted since they provide a modern appearance to the room. Lounges, bedrooms and hallways are now being fitted with recessed downlights since they are more energy efficient.

Preference of Downlights

Recessed lights in another term used for downlights since they are installed in hollow openings in the ceiling. Keeping in mind its advantages and disadvantages, downlights are selected which consume less voltage like main voltage halogen downlights and dedicated low energy downlights. Main voltages downlights though available in different colors, and help save on electricity bills can be pretty expensive. Dedicated low energy downlights give crisper whiter light, last longer and consume lower voltage but have the tendency to generate a lot of heat and cannot work without a transformer. Fire rated downlights have the advantage of preventing a fire from spreading between floors if a hole is cut into the ceiling. Downlights though round in shape come in different types from which one can choose depending on their taste and budget. Halogen bulb is the most common light bulb used in down lights. but CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED bulbs are becoming popular since they are more energy efficient. Gaba, Scope, Pixel are some of the popular Indoor LED downlights as they are energy efficient and durable. For architectural lighting, Indoor downlights such as ghost, font, page, spirit are commonly preferred as they blend smoothly with the interiors.

In order to accommodate downlights, houses are designed specifically to enable remodeling of ceiling with insulation and creating accessibility for light fixtures. Flat sheet of plaster board reduces the amount of time that a ceiling can withstand fire and also reduces the spread of fire. Downlights are perfect for work lighting especially in places where a lot of nice and bright light is required. Since downlight has the advantage of light adjustment they can be installed around the edge of the room to get that clean and streamlined light for that perfect ambience.


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